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Read This Before You Hire a New Business Director!

Stop losing money on new business hires that should be growing your agency.


Our eBook will help you avoid costly pitfalls when hiring a new business professional.

Includes 33 pages of insider advice from a new business expert with decades of experience working with advertising and other creative agencies.

  • IDENTIFY YOUR NEEDS: Before you can hire the right person, you need to know who you are looking for. 
  • CONDUCT YOUR BEST SEARCH EVER: Use a combination of ongoing recruitment, tailored job descriptions, assessments, and sales-savvy interviews to attract better candidates.
  • STRATEGIC COMPENSATION: Sales compensation is likely different than any other position at your agency. We'll tell you how to do it correctly so you get the end results you need.
  • ONBOARDING & RETENTION: Break through the 2-year barrier and retain your new business professionals long enough to reap the rewards when you give them what they need to succeed in their roles.

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