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Mark Duval is the Founder and President of the Duval Partnership, a full-service sales organization working exclusively with agencies. The Duval Partnership helps agencies acquire new business through the creation and implementation of customized, strategic sales solutions.
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Email Lead Nurturing for Agency New Business

Posted by Mark Duval on May 24, 2018 6:34:40 AM


Very few agencies implement lead nurturing campaigns via email for their own business growth. But they should! It’s an under-utilized strategy; one that we typically identify early on as a..

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Topics: Biz Development Prospects & Lead Generation

8 Sales Mistakes Commonly Made by Marketing Agencies

Posted by Mark Duval on May 17, 2018 7:51:46 AM


Sales (or business development) continues to be a challenge for many agencies. Whatever your opinion is of sales, by avoiding the common mistakes we’ve identified here, you can improve your..

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Topics: Agency Sales Tips, Biz Development Processes & Tips

Ad Industry Diversity: The New Business Perspective

Posted by Mark Duval on May 10, 2018 8:26:54 AM



Each week there are more new articles about diversity (or lack thereof) in the advertising industry. There are so many different ways to slice this topic, including tips to improve your..

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Topics: Agency New Business

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